Identifying Dementia in Senior Dogs

Could Your Senior Dog Have Dementia? Dogs and people share many things in common, including the tendency to develop dementia as they age. If your…

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Keep Your Pets Safe From Toxic Household Items

Household Items That Are Toxic to Your Pet Curious pets explore their environments by sniffing, licking, and tasting. Unfortunately, eating or licking cleaners, pills, plants,…

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Preventing Obesity in Cats

How to Help Your Cat Maintain a Healthy Weight Overweight cats look cute in cartoons and memes, but feline obesity is no laughing matter. Excess…

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Pet Dental Care – Tips to Manage Your Pet’s Oral Health

Learn How to Improve Your Pet's Oral Health How healthy are your pet's pearly whites? Without proper dental care, your furry friend may develop painful…

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Walk Your Pet Month: Learn How to Master Walking Your Dog

Making Walks with Your Dog More Enjoyable You've probably heard people joke, "Are you walking your dog, or is your dog walking you?" In fact,…

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Bringing a New Pet in the Home in the New Year

Will a Pet Be Joining Your Family in 2021? Are you bringing home a new dog, cat, or other pet soon? Choosing the ideal time…

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Cold Symptoms in Dogs

Can My Dog Catch a Cold? Colds don't just make people miserable. Dogs can also experience sneezing, coughing, congestion, and other common cold symptoms. What…

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Cold Weather Pet Safety

How to Protect Your Pet When the Weather Turns Cold Cold weather can be dangerous for your pet's health, causing ailments ranging from skin irritations…

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Keep Your Pet Safe During the Holidays

Thanksgiving Day Safety Tips for Your Pet Thanksgiving Day may be one of your favorite holidays, but Turkey Day can be dangerous for your pets.…

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November is Pet Cancer Awareness Month

Signs That Your Pet May Have Cancer As unfair as it may seem, cancer isn't just a human disease. Your furry friends may also be…

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How to Treat Common Injuries in Your Dog

Common Injuries in Dogs Do you know what to do if your dog suffers an injury? These tips can help you care for your pet…

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Safety Guidelines for Pet Costumes

Tips For Safe and Comfortable Pet Costumes Safety is an important consideration if your pet will be dressing up for Halloween or another festive occasion…

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9 Reasons Your Cat May Be Losing Weight

Is Anxiety, Stress, or a Disease Causing Your Cat to Lose Weight? It's only natural to be concerned when your cat starts shedding pounds after…

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Anemia in Dogs

Do You Know If Your Dog Is Showing Symptoms of Anemia? Is your normally energetic dog suddenly listless, weak, and uninterested in food? Anemia may…

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How to Treat Common Paw Problems in Dogs

Common Paw Problems in Dogs Healthy paws are essential to your pet's comfort and well-being. Paws offer protection against hazards, improve traction and balance, and…

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Teaching Your Child to Care For Their First Pet

Teaching Your Child Pet Care Basics Is your child eagerly looking forward to the day a dog, cat, guinea pig, or fish joins your family?…

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